Waterjet Cutting Media: Red Garnet (GMA Waterjet Garnet)

Ecological Product

In accordance with UE Regulations


  • Ideal for water jet cutting thanks to its unique series of features such as: hardness, density, friability and particle shape;
  • The material contains green granat particles of superior hardness, which ensure an enhanced cutting force;
  • Superior Toughness: Mohs Hardness 7.0 - 8.0;
  • Ecological Product and Non-Toxic Material (Low Free Silica Content <0.1%).



High-quality iron-aluminium garnet, garnet in the effective content of Al2O3 and Fe2O3; in addition to red garnet is green garnet, the naked eye looks like black spots, can be seen under the magnifying glass is green garnet. So the garnet hardness is higher.


From the rock mine, preserved garnet crystal structure, the angular shape is the sharp 12-sided or four corners, 38-dimensional structure after crushed, with the rich, sharp edges and edges and toughness, cutting better.


Because deep underground, not subject to natural erosion, broken grain is angular sharp, through 4 times broken, high hardness and toughness, used as blasting and cutting abrasive, can achieve multiple re-use.


The best abrasive for water jet cutting machines is the red garnet, thanks to a unique series of features such are: hardness, density, friability and particle shape, that maximize the cutting properties of water jet machines:

  • Hardness. Water jet cutting needs an optimal balance between the cutting force and the wear of the cutting machine parts. A soft abrasive prolongs the life of the nozzles, but slows down the cutting. An abrasive too tough increases the cutting speed, but erodes the nozzles too quickly, leading to dead operating times and increases in the costs of repairing machine parts. The hardness of red garnet is about 8 on Mohs scale, which effectively balances the need to cut quickly, but also provides a reasonable operating lifetime for the equipment;
  • Density. The cutting force of water jet machine is a function of two factors: the weight of the abrasive multiplied by the velocity. The ideal abrasive has the greatest weight that water can accelerate to maximum velocity, offering ultimate cutting speed. An abrasive that is too light will not cut the material and a material that is too heavy will not accelerate to the maximum velocity, slowing down the cutting speed. Red garnet is almost four times heavier than the water, a value that falls in the optimal range for both cutting and acceleration;
  • Friability. Red garnet with its semi-friable nature that makes it fracture in angular particles with sharp edges when passing through the nozzle, provides superior cutting speed than any other abrasive material;
  • Particle shape. It has been found that the angular shape with multiple sharp edges like the shape of red garnet, is the most suitable for high cutting speeds.


Red Garnet is the Ideal Abrasive for Water Jet Cutting Machines

A water hose sprays the water outdoor in a powerful manner, and if you add more pressure, the water force increases significantly. Same principle applies to water jet cutting machines: the water is shot through a narrow hole at very high pressure, ensuring water with a significant power to cut into the substrate. Mix the water with a hard abrasive like red garnet and the cutting force increases exponentially, being able to cut with extreme precision, almost any type of material, from cardboard and rubber to ceramic, steel, titanium, stone and quartz.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical Form: Solid
Color: Reddish brown to pink and green
Odor: Odorless
Bulk Density: (approx.) 2.4 g/cm3
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Flammability (solid, gas): Non-flammable
Explosive Properties: Non-explosive

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition
Fe2O3 38,1%
SiO2 (non-crystalline): 35,2%
Al2O3: 18,9%
MgO: 2,5%
P2O5: 0,06%
Na2O: 0,03%
ZrO2: 0,03%
K2O: 0,02%
TiO2: 2%

Red Garnet User Safety

Red Garnet is a safe, ecologic and stable material. It does not need special attention while handled. Wearing personal protection equipment is necessary, as well as avoiding eye contact. Storing this material does not require special conditions. All it needs is a good air ventilation in the storage space.

In case of inhalation, the affected person must be taken out, to fresh air, and kept in a comfortable position so he/she can breathe properly. If he/she has difficulties breathing, oxygen can be administered. If he/she stops breathing, CPR manoeuvres can be performed. In this case, a medical intervention is also necessary.

Avoid direct contact with the skin. If your skin entered in direct contact with this abrasive material, you must wash the affected area with clean water for 20 minutes. Use a soft soap and clean water.

In case of ingestion, a doctor’s intervention is necessary. All treatments applied to the victim must take into account the symptoms showed by that victim.

Avoid walking through the material and always wear personal protective equipment. In case of leakages, one must insulate the area on an approximately 25 meters radius in all directions. It is forbidden to spill this material in water. Please avoid dust. Use professional vacuum cleaners to clean the area.

This material comprises silicate crystals and/or quartz. According to the IARC Monographs for assessing the hazards posed by chemical substances to people, this material bears a potential risk of cancer.

GMA Waterjet Garnet & Classic Cut Advantages

Excellent performance

It provides maximum efficiency and long service life in the waterjet cutting process

High precision

Increased productivity, consistency and sharp edges

Operational efficiency

Reduces the material consumption and lowers the operating expenses

Safe supply chain

Immediate and continuous delivery with no interruptions in the supply chain

Cut accurate edge parts wisely by using the best performing abrasives for waterjet cutting!

Red Garnet Application

Auto Industry

Auto Industry

In the production of automotive components, such as body chassis or aluminum and steel parts, waterjet cutting with red garnet can be used to make precise and accurate cuts. Thus, problems associated with the thermal deformations that can occur in the thermal cutting processes are avoided. This is essential for automotive components, where the structural integrity is crucial.

Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry

In the production of aerospace components, advanced waterjet cutting techniques are used to cut non-ferrous or hard metals such as titanium or special alloys. In addition, composite materials such as carbon fibers or glass-reinforced thermosetting plastic are used. Red garnet waterjet cutting offers an efficient solution for cutting these materials without affecting their mechanical properties.

The renewable energy Industry

The renewable energy Industry

In the production of components for equipment used in the renewable energy industry, such as wind turbines or solar panels, water jet cutting is used to make accurate cuts in composite and metallic materials. Red garnet provides the ability to cut tough materials, helping to make energy efficient components for renewables.